Every Thought Is A Vote
November 5, 2022

Every thought is a vote.
I’m careful what I think about.
Every vote is a choice.
I choose the highest for the collective good.
Every choice is a decision, an incision cutting away other options.
Not making a choice is still a choice.
Without changing course, we wind up where we’re headed.
Inaction isn’t non-activity; it’s voting for the status quo.
In not voting, I give a proxy to all others to vote for me.
I won’t collude with making myself voiceless.
I claim my rightful place as a decision maker in our democracy.
Refusing to be silenced, I vote.

Refocusing Our Attention
November 12, 2022

Every moment is filled with infinite potential.
Each of us is a part of the infinity to Life.
We have the power to set into motion new causations.
The slightest adjustment puts us on a new trajectory.
We shift our awareness; we refocus our attention.
We set our sights high on what we want to see.
We proclaim and live into glorious possibilities.
No longer entrenched in the past, we ignite our future.
The right-wing flies nowhere without the left and vice versa.
No othering, no one left behind.
We have the courage for forgive so we can move on.

Tapped Into The Never-Ending Supply
November 19, 2022

I am tapped into God’s never-ending supply.
Never is there a spiritual famine, never a cosmic drought.
God’s Goodness is always at hand, forever replenishing itself.
I don’t have to rely on my own will and might.
I am uplifted and supported by a Universe that wants the best for me.
God’s Grace is sufficient.
God’s Grace is the constant Source of my strength and my renewal.
When I need strength and encouragement, I instinctively go to the well.
When I need clarity, vision, wholeness, and release, I go to the well.
Thank you, God, for being all needs met.

We Claim Sufficiency
November 26, 2022

Remembering the Truth of who we are, we no longer engage in identity theft.
Lack and limitation no longer bind us.
We claim abundance and enoughness as our nature.
We claim sufficiency in all that we say and do.
Outer conditions are reflections of inner consciousness.
We have the courage to see beyond the appearances.
We assume responsibility without blame for how things are.
We use our creativity to clean up karma and to co-create blessings.
We mind our minds.
We dare to imagine a world that works for everyone.
We leave a legacy that is a blessing to all.